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I do not think the sizing I received for my boardshorts is correct, what can I do?

Even though every single boardshort is custom made just for you, we understand custom sizing can be a challenge, so if your first boardshort doesn't fit, we'll remake a new boardshort for you from scratch provided that you get in touch with us within two (2) weeks of the delivery of your order to the destination listed on your invoice.

We are sorry that your custom boardshort did not fit right the first time around. We are excited to work with you again to get it right.

If our pattern maker or tailors made a mistake during the hand-cutting or hand-stitching, we'd be happy to remake your order. All of our returns are processed through our internalRe-Tailor Request form where you can request up to one (1) free remake of your design.

It’s not necessary for you to return your missized boardshorts to us, we simply ask you to include the following in your Re-Tailor Request email:

  • your original Order Number, which appears in the lower right hand corner of your boardshort design pattern sheet you received with your order;
  • a digital photo of the measurement we incorrectly tailored using the tape measure in your box;
  • the correct measurement size of the tailored mistake dimension, so thatwe can simply double check that we're all on the same page with your originally submitted measurements; and
  • that you donate your missized boardshort that does not fit you to charity, and then please return the charitable organization receipt of the goods and value to us via a scan or photoof the receipt by uploading it on your Re-Tailor Request email.

You can complete the above process by clicking here for our Re-Tailor Request online form.

Your donation to charity is hugely appreciated by Dunstan. Because your boardshort does not fit you exactly as you would like, that does not mean someone else should not benefit from a great fitting boardshort from Dunstan.

Again, we will completely remake up to one (1) boardshort for every initial boardshort you order that does not fit. If you and we cannot get your measurements right after one more try, then we’ll likely never figure it out together – that’s just our experience after 25+ years. We’ll try our best..!!

The boardshort fits great but one of my style or special request details is missing, what can I do?

If your boardshorts fit great, but a detail is missing, then we are truly sorry we didn't get the finishing exactly right the first time around. Attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on. We are excited to work with you again to get it right. If our pattern maker, tailors or quality checkers made a mistake during the hand-cutting or hand-stitching, we'd be happy to remake your order.

Please tell us what is wrong with your boardshort design by clicking here for our Boardshort Special Detail Re-Tailoring form. We will ask you for your original Order Number, and also for some details of the exact problem. We will do everything possible to fix the special request detail, which can normally be done with return shipping etc. in 2-3 weeks.

Of note, this option only applies to issues regarding special requests, and does not apply to issues regarding fabric, fastener type, piping colors, or stitch colors that you have chosen in the design process, unless those mistakes are clearly our own.

How long does my remake take?

As soon as the sizing or changes are confirmed between us by email, the order will re-tailoring will start and be expedited to arrive to you within in two weeks.

We understand that waiting for a re-tailoring can be a tiresome experience, however we are making a new boardshort from scratch and two weeks is the quickest turnaround we can have with the care needed to deliver a quality product.

What is the earliest arrival date for my boardshorts or boardshorts I order for someone else as a gift?

We make every attempt to deliver your products to you as quickly as possible. Factors including your design and its tailoring complexity, other orders in our order queue, and/or your location for international shipping may influence your delivery date.

Generally, given our order queue experience, a custom, hand-tailored boardshort will arrive to you withinfour (4) weeks of your order.

Remember, your boardshort is unique to you, as are the other boardshort customer orders we receive, so we take our time to complete the order to your specification. We won’t rush the process, and don’t have an expedited service, so please understand that the time it takes to complete your order is normal, and is in fact what makes your order and your Dunstan boardshorts unique only to you.

After submitting your order, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your scheduled customized production date. Such date will not be more than 30 days from the date of your order.

How are my boardshorts shipped to me and what does it cost?

We pay for your shipping by DHL or FedEx, so there is no added cost to you unless you are required to pay duty or customs fees for receipt of your boardshorts package in your country. Since every country has different import and custom duty rates, we can’t control how such duty fees may be enforced or collected by local customs officials. So, whatever duty rates your country charges are completely out of our control and are payable by you – which is why we only pay for your shipping costs.

The invoice for your order will show the product, insurance and freight of your shipment to be US$100.00 per board short we ship to you, unless your order includes multiple items. In the case where your order had multiple items, we will itemize the cost of the custom items (boardshorts, t-shirts etc,) and the shipping and insurance costs.

We will make our best efforts to alert you by email of any additional destination charges you may receive when we send you your order tracking information, but this information may be subject to change based on how local customs duties and laws are enforced in your local country.

Please make sure to check with the local office of the courier company handling your shipment to verify what additional fees or duties may need to be paid when the delivery is made to your location. We will not accept returned packages that are refused at destination due to unpaid duty fees, and if such instance occurs, any and all charges we receive for your order to arrive at your destination will be borne by you.

Shipping-only costs can vary wildly based on where you live, and we’re totally cool to pay for that, so please make the proper arrangements to pay any duty that may be payable in your country at your destination address in order to make for a smooth delivery of the coolest boardshorts you will ever own..!!

Where do you ship your boardshorts?

We ship to all countries with no exceptions. If you have any special shipping instructions, please provide this to you at the time of our order. We realize that not all countries have postal codes, or that your PO box may be your actual address, so please give us as many details as possible including your phone number and email to avoid any shipping issues or problems.

My promotion code doesn’t work and I’m not getting my discount?

Only one promotion code can be used per boardshort ordered. To redeem a promotion code, please enter it in the 'Promotion Code' field found on your Shopping Cart page or in the 'Promotion Code' field found on the Billing page of checkout. Dunstan promotion codes do not expire, but only one code may be used at a time. If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service department by clicking here.

Can I use a debit card?

Yes, we accept debit cards as form of payment. However, please note that we authorize credit cards and debit cards at point of sale. Each financial institution is different; therefore please refer to the issuing bank of your debit card for their specific authorization processes.

How many boardshorts can I ship in a single order?

Due to the uniqueness of our presentation and the precise measurements of our gift boxes in relation to your boardshorts, it is only possible to ship up to three (3) boardshorts in our special Dunstan consumer gift box. If you require a size in excess of 2XL, we may be only to fit two (2) boardshorts in our consumer gift box.

My password doesn't work?

If you are not able to log into your Dunstan online account, please click hereand we will ask you to provide us with your email address, where we will email you your existing password.

Can I backorder items that are not available at this time?

At this time, we are unable to accept orders for fabrics that are unavailable. If a fabric item comes back in stock, it will be put back on the website. We cycle through new fabric designs every month, so keep checking back. When fashion colors change with seasons, our fabrics also change. Generally, once our fabrics are gone, they generally don’t re-appear due to the off-cut and recyclable nature of the fabrics we get from our suppliers.